Mission & Vision

We are working day by day aiming to streamline our customers’ workflowsand improve the efficiency of their IT assets. Our main goal is to keep on being a key partner towards technological innovation.

Our operational priorities will always be:

  • To guarantee our customers full support and effectiveness
  • To provide services through a team made up of qualified consultantsand talented developers

We believe that any external input coming from our customers can be seen as a “bit”, a tiny data unit, and by getting any bit in sync with each other we can get to the big picture, really understanding the people needs.


We can gladly confirm that have been constantly growing since 2015. Even though we are young we have a long history behind, and our roots are intertwined with those of our most relevant customers such as Enel S.p.A., Leonardo Company S.p.A and Poste Italiane S.p.A.: thanks to them, and many others, we have launched highly customized products which have no competition on the market, such as Travel Security Management.

Our tech team is made up of a small number of developers and consultants carefully selected to match our standards of quality and to guarantee uncompromising multidisciplinary.

These are the qualities that allowed us to specialize in web development and cyber security, bringing the paradigm of Security by Design in all our products.

Products and Services

Today we provide business consultancy to some of the main Italian and international companies. Despite this, it also has experiences in the consumer market: the most relevant example of this is the design and development of an iOS advanced Media Player app, which is still available on the App Store.

All of this makes our business model a combination of expertise in two different sectors:

  • Technological & Strategic Consulting
  • Software Development for both B2B and B2C markets

Technological and Strategical Consulting

In this context, we support our customers throughout the production process, starting with the analysis of the business requirements. We then proceed selecting the best application solutions and release the final product at the end of the development process.

Our commitment is subsequently concentrated in supporting the customerthrough the definition of both Disaster Recovery plan and Business Continuity plan.

Software Development

The software we are most proud of are the ones developed in the field of security:

  • Travel Security Management, with which we have released to our customersa true ecosystem of web and mobile applications dedicated to the physical security of employees and corporate assets.
  • Vulnerability Assessment, which is a tool that allows security operators to scan the network looking for known vulnerabilities and potential critical issues.

A further mention is necessary for the rIPTVmedia streaming app, still available on the Apple App Store(https://itunes.apple.com/it/app/riptv/id1060510958?mt=8)in which led the entertainment chart for months: natively built for iOS devices, designed to be cross device compatible, and loved by his users.

Main Customers

Infocert S.p.A.

  • One of the main European Certification Authorities
  • Part of the Tinexta Group
  • Reached a grand total of 62,3 million euros of revenues in 2018
  • 17,7million euros of share capital
  • 10,7 millions of Digital Signatures Certifications issued
  • 2,4 millions of PEC Accounts managed
  • Choosed by more than 50.000 customers for the Digital Invoice service

Leonardo S.p.A.

  • Company with almost 50.000 employees all around the world
  • World leader in the Aerospace, Defence and Security fields
  • 13,8 billion euros of revenues in 2019

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.

  • Company specialized in the digital transformation
  • Founded in 1980 and grown up to 10.500 employees (2018)
  • Reached a grand total of 1,180 billion euros of revenues in 2018

Enel S.p.A.

  • 73,1 billion euros of revenues in 2018
  • More than 70.000 employees in almost 30 countries

SogeitSolutions S.r.l.

  • 15 million euros of revenues in 2018
  • Part of Gruppo Engineering since 2017
  • Almost 100 empoloyees divided in 4 business units

Telsy S.p.A.

  • Italian company, part of Gruppo Telecom Italia
  • Born in 1971 and specialized in cybersercurity and communication through the years

LiveBox s.r.l.

  • Company specialized in the Digital Transformation field
  • Born in 2013 and growing fast as an Italian strategic IT partner